KWS Montana

Innovative hight quality milling wheat

  • Three years of UK trialling
  • Commercial crop evaluation H2016
  • Exceptional grain quality
  • Yields on par with Solstice and Cordiale
  • Good disease resistance
  • Excellent Fusarium resistance
  • Early to harvest

KWS Montana is a high quality German E wheat which is well adapted to UK growing conditions. It is an innovative variety which offers added value as part of your wheat rotation strategy.

KWS Montana can be sown on a range of soil types but is best suited to medium and lighter soils.

KWS Montana has a vigorous growth habit and is best suited for drilling from 10th October - 30th November. Although vigorous KWS Montana is not a prolific tillerer, and therefore seed rates need to be targeted at creating optimum ear density balanced with a taller medium strength straw.

Due to its vigorous nature and plant height a comprehensive PGR programme should be used to target shortening the straw. This will also promote tiller retention and provide good anchorage.

A robust T0 and T1 would be advised in combination with a late season PGR such as Terpal or Cerone. Nitrogen strategies should be targeted at producing 14.5% protein, whilst avoiding large uptakes resulting in excessive growth at stem extension.

As an 'E' type the variety is efficient at utilising nitrogen into protein and typical rates around 280kgs will achieve the balance of yield and protein.

KWS Montana has good disease resistance but is likely to respond to a well structured fungicide programme targeted at prophylactic disease control. Due to its vigorous growth nature then application timing is crucial.

Results from 2016 trials continue to be evaluated and KWS will update growing guidelines in due course.