The new opportunity for innovative farmers!

  • High quality German E wheat
  • Two years of UK data
  • UK innovators needed for quality trialing

KWS Sharki is an E-quality spring wheat, selected from our German breeding programme. It has been extensively trialed and tested for agronomics and end use quality in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Czech and the Baltics over the past 2 years.

The variety looks promising agronomically and its quality seems consistently good, with the variety achieving inherently high proteins of 14% and over, across varied EU locations.

In the UK we have 2 years of replicated trial agronomic, yield and physical grain quality data, all of which indicates good potential and gives us confidence that it’s adapted to UK conditions.

The analysis of all this information gives us the rationale to invest in another, more in depth, year in the UK, where we will focus on agronomy trials alongside growing commercial crops for macro milling and baking assessments.

We are looking for innovative partner farmers to work with us in developing the knowledge of KWS Sharki and help assess market suitability when grown, milled and baked in the UK.

Sharki data sheet 2017

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