KWS Crispin

The late sown variety choice

  • A clean variety with good physical grain quality
  • Vigorous growth; quick to reach stage 31 when November sown
  • Medium height and maturity
  • The perfect blackgrass management wheat, making it ideal after beet

KWS Crispin is a high yielding Group 4 with good physical grain quality and exceptional disease resistance characteristics.

Resistance scores include maximum rating for yellow rust and a strong Septoria score (6.1), plus the added benefit of OWBM resistance. Its disease resistance is highlighted by its untreated yield.

As a very vigourous variety, and with Conqueror in its parentage, it comes as no surprise that KWS Crispin performs well in the late sown slot. Its exceptional package could prove to be a valuable tool in the fight against blackgrass.

KWS Crispin data sheet 2018

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