KWS Kerrin

Sky high feed wheat yields!

  • High yielding, established feed wheat
  • Particularly high yields in the North (107) and East (105)
  • Group 4 hard feed wheat
  • Strong disease resistance, including
  • OWBM
  • Good grain quality with stiff straw

KWS Kerrin is a very consistent variety, performing exceptionally well in the East; the wheat heartland of the UK. It is a true barnfiller and is also well suited to the North region.

It out yields its parent KWS Santiago and has improved disease resistance, including Septoria and yellow rust. Additionally, it has a superior specific weight at 76.6 kg/hl with a similar plant type and growth habit to KWS Santiago. Early indications support our own data, suggesting KWS Kerrin has good resitance to sprouting.

KWS Kerrin data sheet 2018

Product Information