Sow early – Harvest early

  • Ideal for early drilling and very early to harvest
  • Nothing is stiffer or shorter
  • Quick and easy to combine
  • Superb physical grain characteristics
  • Ideally suited to very fertile sites

One of the most versatile feed wheats available, Grafton is a consistent performer and is the ideal partner for later maturing wheats. It remains the best variety for early drilling thanks to its slow speed of development . Its early maturity and easy combining, usually ensures a great start to harvest. Graftons early sown performance is supported by its combination of the Pch-1 Rendezvous gene for eyespot and exceptional specific weight.

Nothing is shorter and stiffer, so a chlormequat PGR programme is all that is needed. Being relatively shy tillering, best practice is to increase seed rates by 50 seeds sq m more than you’d normally use, but being such a short, stiff variety, this won’t compromise standing ability.

Grafton winter wheat data sheet 2018

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