Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Inside views of working within KWS UK.

Meet Our Team

Andrew - Managing Director

"KWS has a great team of hard working, motivated people."

Gillian - Spring Wheat Breeder & Technical Operations Manager

"It is an exciting and innovative industry."

Elizabeth - Customer Orientation Coordinator

"What appeals to me most is that there are so many opportunities available to you across the business."

Ian - Field Operations Officer

"The company moves with the times and has a very good team spirit."

David - Head of IT

"KWS is a great place to work, with a positive, forward looking group of people."

Mike - Assistant Wheat Breeder

"You can take pride from the fact that you could have help produce those fields of wheat you see on the farm and that they can end up in the food chain."

Chris - Maintenance Breeder

"I like working in an industry which has important consequences for issues such as food security and the environment."

Carl - Assistant OSR Breeder

"I have a feeling of ownership in the projects I am involved with."

Mark - Production Operations Manager

"There's a real team approach at KWS - everyone is there to help and we all have a common interest."