Two new KWS Sugar Beet varieties for 2018 bring yield and stability

Welcome to KWS UK’s sugar beet variety information. 

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Introduced for the 2018 season, DAPHNA is the first BCN-tolerant variety to top the BBRO Recommended List with a yield of 106.9% of controls while SENADA KWS has the best combined disease resistance of any variety and is the second-highest yielding variety on the RL with a yield of 105.6% of controls.

The new varieties continue KWS’s focus on developing high-yielding varieties with valued management characteristics, which complement our existing portfolio well:

  • DARNELLA KWS, last year’s highest-yielding variety
  • CANTONA KWS, another BCN-tolerant variety still being among the top-five yielding varieties
  • ALISHA KWS, a proven performer which at 18.2% has the highest sugar content of any Rhizomania-resistant variety
  • SABATINA KWS, strong performing with high yields and low bolting
  • SANDRA KWS, still the only AYPR tolerant variety on the BBRO Recommended list

Overall the KWS portfolio of top performing sugar beet varieties will ensure that no matter what your growing conditions we can provide the right genetics to maximise your yields and profitability

Please click here to view the official BBRO Recommended List


Rhizomania Variety List

Click here for more details about Rhizomania.

Variety Description
SENADA KWS No. 1 for a healthy canopy
DARNELLA KWS Proven performance over five seasons
SABATINA KWS A season long performer
ALISHA KWS Reduce your haulage costs

Beet Cyst Nematode Tolerant Variety List

Click here for more details about Beet Cyst Nematode (BCN).

Variety Description
DAPHNA The best variety for the UK
CANTONA KWS CANTONA – the perfect complement to DAPHNA

AYPR Rhizomania Variety List

Variety Description
SANDRA KWS For the strongest rhizomania resistance

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