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KWS UK’s team selects, trials and markets varieties bred by KWS Group companies.

KWS UK provides growers with a wide range of oilseed rape varieties to suit different climatic and regional requirements.

We offer both open pollinating and hybrid types and have significant UK based breeding, selection and testing activities to support UK agriculture.


Growers in the UK are becoming more concerned with high levels of erucic acid in double zero crops. There as be a minority of commodity oilseed rape parcels that have been subject to substantial claims due to higher than accepted levels at crush intake.

The extent of the problem is not entirely clear and there are several contributing factors; cruciferous weed contamination; volunteer oilseed rape; contamination from high erucic acid rape (HEAR).

Here at KWS we take seed quality seriously and as processors of both HEAR oilseed rape and double low varieties we follow strict protocols with regards to seed identity and contamination.† We have been testing all of the oilseed rape that we produce for erucic acid levels for some time.† Our tests are carried out at an independent laboratory accredited under the ISO 9001 (2008) scheme. Should you have any questions relating to this matter please do not hesitate to contact Julie Goult on 01763 207326.

If you wish to see the results of any seed that we have supplied please download the attached document.† We are also happy to supply copies of the original test certificate on request – please contact us at

AHDB have released guidelines to reduce the risk of Erucic Acid in Double-low OSR.

The Guidance publication can be found here:

The news release has been issued and can be found here:

Oilseed Rape Products

Variety Description
Barbados The Northerner that conquered the UK
Butterfly Metamorphosise your yields!
Campus The seed with speed!
Charger Short, stiff AND incredible yields.
Django Your golden opportunity for gross output
Eraton Benchmark HEAR variety
Flamingo You’ll be in the pink!
Palmedor HEAR variety
Picto Picto Perfect!