ALS Herbicide-tolerant sugarbeet gets a name

CONVISO ® SMART Technology

The sugarbeet weed control technology jointly developed by KWS SAAT SE and Bayer CropScience gets a name. The system is based on selected ALS inhibitor herbicides, and ALS-inhibitor tolerant sugarbeet hybrids. The new innovative system will enter the market in 2018 under the name CONVISO® SMART.

CONVISO® SMART is a future-oriented technology based on conventionally bred sugarbeet varieties that are tolerant to herbicides of the ALS inhibitor class, featuring widely efficient weed control. The herbicide from Bayer CropScience and the ALS-tolerant sugarbeet hybrids developed by KWS are working hand in hand. The system offers full crop safety during plant growth. In the future, farmers will thus have a new possibility for simpler, more flexible, and more efficient cultivation of sugarbeet. By using CONVISO® SMART, it will be possible to control weeds applying smaller quantities of active ingredients and fewer applications.

Joerg Ellmanns, Global Head of Strategy & Portfolio Management Herbicides of Bayer CropScience: “The new herbicide will be commercialized under the name CONVISO®, the registration dossier of the herbicide has been submitted to official authorities around the world and should be on time for commercialization of the new CONVISO® SMART varieties.”

Dr. Peter Hofmann, KWS Board Member adds: “The system is a real innovation for sugarbeet cultivation and it highlights our determination to take a leading role in innovation and technological development. CONVISO® SMART is the basis for the continued competitiveness of this crop for the next decades and the challenges ahead. The first tolerant varieties are expected to enter European market in 2018.”

The tolerance of the new sugarbeet varieties has been obtained through a naturally occurring change in an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of essential amino acids. Sugarbeet plants with this spontaneously changed enzyme were specifically selected and used for further breeding to develop CONVISO® SMART varieties.


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