Oilseed Rape

Rapeseeds are one of the most important sources for vegetable oils all over the world. After strong breeding activities, to reduce content of erucic acid, oil of rapeseeds is nearly perfect for human nutrition. This is due to the high amount of mono unsaturated fatty acids and it low but sufficient content of Omega-3 fatty acids. Further rapeseed oil is used for industrial issues as biofuel, biological lubricant or technical fatty acids. The rapeseed meal, the residue after extraction of nearly all oil, is an exceedingly valuable animal feed and according to the USDA the second leading source for protein meals.

KWS is breeding the winter as well as the spring type of oilseed rape, with the first aim to increase seed yield and oil content to support farmers with high gross outputs. Resistance against diseases or lodging and a strong winter hardiness are necessary, to protect plants against environmental influences during their long vegetation period.

A widely spread trial system helps us to offer well adapted hybrids in the different climate conditions all over Europe. Detailed information about the country specific products and local consultants can be found on the separate country pages, which you find on the right side.


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