Live Maize Soil Temperature Service


KWS now provides a live ‘free to access’ service for all farmers and advisors, to assess soil temperatures, pre, during and after drilling.

The service is really easy to use;

  • Enter your postcode
  • Data shows the soil temperature at 10 cm, for the 5 closest weather stations to your farm
  • Surface temperature is also shown, to highlight the risk of frost

Useful facts and recommendations:

Adequate soil temperature is critical for successful maize cultivation. Three factors are needed for successful germination:

  • Water – the soil surrounding the seed has to be adequately moist to initiate germination
  • Warm temperatures – a minimum of 8įC and rising for 3-4 consecutive days
  • Oxygen – the soil is not compacted

Note: For heavier soils, it is advisable to wait for temperatures to rise to 12 įC to encourage faster emergence.

During germination, which generally takes 36 hours depending upon temperature, the seed uses its energy reserves to grow. At the end of the germination stage, the radicle (root embryo) breaks through the seed coat.

Soil temperature has a strong effect of early growth, up until the 4 to 5 leaf stage. Beyond this, air temperature becomes more critical. This can be measured using heat units, during the growing season.

To check your heat units please use our link to the Live Maize Heat Unit Service

The above calculator is supplied by KWS UK Ltd and WeatherQuest UK Ltd. All reasonable steps have been taken to accurately reflect real time soil temperature data, and this tool is intended as a guide during the growing season. It is not designed to determine exact sowing date. No liability is accepted whatsoever arising from actual crop performance based on this calculator.

Soil Temperature Tool

* Updated daily
~ Blank cell indicates data not recorded