KWS. Independent like you.

Your job. Your passion. Our respect.

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KWS has been an independent company for more than 160 years.

The objective of the families who own the company is to pass on what they’ve built to future generations.

We’re also independent in terms of our products: Our sole focus is on seed. This independence is a key aspect that sets us apart from the competition - and unites us with our customers. Because independence is something they treasure as well.

KWS’ independence ensures reliability, entrepreneurial freedom and staying power in product development, even in turbulent times.

Not least, it is also one of the reasons why KWS has established itself as a growing hidden champion that is shaped by family values.

Our company ethos and innovative strength benefits our customers with high-yielding and high-quality products.

One key parallel with our customers, i.e. farmers, is obvious: They are usually independent entrepreneurs, too.

Your crop.

Your choice.

Your farm.

Your heritage.

Your foresight.

Your job.

Your passion.

Our respect.