KWS Kerrin tops the table at national trial sites despite challenging season


High yielding Group 4 hard feed wheat, KWS Kerrin has delivered an exceptional performance in Agrii’s 2018 National Variety Trials, achieving the top position at both Swindon and Yorkshire sites* with 110.2% and 105.6% of control varieties respectively. In 2018 AHDB Recommended List trials (15 sites published) KWS Kerrin also out-performed fellow Group 4 varieties with 104% of controls, illustrating that this established, consistent, feed variety has the resilience to deliver whatever the season brings.††

Early feedback indicates that KWS Kerrin will once again prove popular among those looking for a high-yielding reliable feed wheat that thrives in tough growing conditions, and growers are urged to consider this year’s trial results when making 2019 season selections.

New research, recently published in the journal Nature Communications, suggests that 2019 may be even hotter than 2018.† The article outlined that over the next few years our climate could continue to be warmer than normal as we enter an exceptionally warm phase.††

While the impact of the recent heat wave is yet to be fully understood, reports so far suggest wheat yields are highly variable with some varieties more affected than others.† Those looking for a stable and reliable feed wheat should refer to recent trials to review the best performers, so that an informed decision can be made as to which varieties will work best for individual circumstances.

KWS Kerrin’s robust disease resistance profile, including OWBM, helps to protect yield even in high disease-pressure years. Good grain quality with resistance to sprouting and twin 7s for lodging means it stands up well to variable harvest weather. It offers excellent versatility within the rotation, performing well in both light and heavy soils in both first and second wheat positions.†


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