Jackal: the soft feed that fits every farm


At 104% of controls KWS Jackal is the highest-yielding soft feed wheat on the AHDB Recommended List for 2018-19. Reassuringly, it marries this barn-filling performance with solid all-round disease resistance, a wide drilling window and consistently high yields across soil types and rotational positions.†

Although it has performed well in trials across the UK, it excels in the north and east regions where it will be close st to end-user demand. Its performance in the north regions is exceptional while its positive rating for distilling makes it the obvious choice for those supplying bioethanol and animal feed mills in the region.†

Across the Midlands and East Anglia interest from human consumption markets will see its popularity go beyond the traditional heartland for soft feeds meaning it will find ready homes across the north and east regions for biscuit making, grain distilling and bioethanol.

With solid end-user demand growers can take confidence in its market appeal and focus on getting the most from it on farm. It’s a reasonably fast developing variety that at 85cm is of short-to-medium height while its stiff straw will reassure those wanting to push it for yield . It has one of the lowest lodging scores of any variety on the Recommended List and can be sown through to the New Year .†

As both a first and second cereal it does better than other newcomer s in this group with yields of 1 04% and 105% of controls respectively. It repeats this performance on heavy and light soil types too with yields of 104% and [ 103% ] respectively .

Agronomically it is a straight-forward management proposition with no obvious weaknesses . It s Septoria tritici resistance is solid at 5.1 , better than others in this group . A score of 7 for mildew resistance is above aver age, while its yellow rust resistance score of 9 is exceptional . It carries orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM) resistance.

jackal table.JPG