What is a Dynamic Wheat?

September 2016

If you ask a farmer what the ideal wheat variety would look like he would probably say it would be high yielding, have many market opportunities and good solid agronomics. Not surprisingly it is little different from what a grain trader or an agronomist would say.

This is exactly what our new Dynamic Wheats deliver. High yields, good physical grain quality leading to more market opportunities, and solid agronomic characteristics to help reduce risk in the crop management.

KWS have a pipeline of Dynamic Wheat varieties in our portfolio. All of them combine high yields, good agronomy and options for more market outlets.

KWS Trinity is a Group 1 breadmaking winter wheat with exceptional disease resistance and a really solid HFN..

KWS Lili is a Group 2 wheat with high yields on and excellent resistance to mildew and solid resistance to Septoria tritici. Its superb grain quality make KWS Lili eminently suitable for the export market.

And it doesn’t stop there – new introductions this year include:

KWS Siskin is a Group 2 wheat with yields on a par with the leading feed types, excellent grain quality and exceptional resistance to Septoria tritici.

KWS Barrel is a high yielding Group 3 wheat with excellent resistance to mildew and the rusts. It is suited to all regions of the UK but excels in the north.

KWS Basset is a Group 3 ideally suited to the southern half of the UK and performs well both early drilled and as a second wheat.