‘Great British Bake Off’ baker will launch KWS’ star Group 1 bread-making wheat variety


Meet ‘Great British Bake Off’ ‘lion bread’ star baker on KWS Stand 432 at 11.00am on Wednesday, 13th June.

Visitors will be able to talk to the star baker famous for his ‘lion bread’ on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ popular television show. He will answer questions about baking as well as highlighting specific end-use markets for KWS’ highest performing Group 1 wheat, with suggestions as to how growers can maximise on these opportunities.

KWS’ Zyatt claimed the Group 1 top spot for yield on the 2018/19 Recommended List (RL), and offers yields up to 2% higher than Skyfall, it is early to harvest and with high protein levels.KWS says that this new variety has good disease profile with Pch1 eyespot resistance and offers excellent performance in the important second wheat slot.

Crop plots on the KWS stand will also will also showcase other key wheat, barley, oilseed rape, hybrid rye and sugarbeet varieties. These include some exciting new wheat candidates up for Recommendation, KWS Extase and KWS Firefly.

New KWS Jackal, the highest yielding Group 4 soft wheat on the 2018/19 RL, offers a good disease profile with resistance to orange wheat blossom midge and excellent yield potential, particularly in second wheat position and is ideal for growers in the north and east regions.

Also profiled will be KWS Kerrin, a very consistent high yielding Group 4 hard feed wheat variety, performing exceptionally well in the east as well as performing well UK wide.It has strong disease resistance, including Septoria, yellow rust and orange wheat blossom midge resistance.KWS Kerrin has a superior specific weight with a similar plant type and growth habit to its parent KWS Santiago, with improved yield.

New oilseed Django is the latest introduction to the KWS Momont breeding programme and will be showcased on the KWS stand.This very high yielding conventional variety includes a strong disease package, mid-flowering and medium-late maturity. Early vigour ensures rapid establishment that gives it east and west appeal, with consistent performance across regions and seasons.

Scott Manning, KWS Marketing Manager, says: “With a number of very high yielding wheat, oilseed and sugar beet varieties included in the 2018 Recommended Lists, this year’s Cereals will provide an opportunity for growers to talk to our team of experts and find a variety to suit their needs. Our celebrity baker will be on stand, Wednesday, at 11.00am to answer baking questions as well as highlight specific end-use market opportunities for some of our highest performing wheats”.

Come and see us on Stand 432