Best yielding variety is easy to cut too


Although not someone who considers himself a milling wheat grower, north Lincolnshire farmer Phillip Maw has been pleasantly surprised by the performance of KWS Zyatt this season.

Grown for seed on behalf of SB Agriculture, his 30 hectares of the new Group 1 quality wheat from KWS has been the stand-out variety for him this harvest.

“With one week of August left to go, we’re about three-quarters of the way through the wheat and, so far, Zyatt is our highest yielding variety. It has stood well despite the testing weather experienced in June and thrashed well at combining. It has been pleasantly surprising,” he says.

Grown across two fields with contrasting soil types the best yield came from a 21 ha block of limestone which withstood the summer drought well to yield an average 11.89t/ha.

The remaining 9 ha managed a still respectable, but slightly lower 10.08t/ha despite being on what he considers to be one of the lightest fields on the farm.

Sown at 125kg/ha around the third week of September last year, Mr Maw noted how well the variety tillered during the autumn.

“I look for a variety that tillers well, partly to cover the ground, some of which can be susceptible to drying out, and also to support ear numbers. Zyatt performed well on both accounts,” he says.

Under the advice of his agronomist, Anna Ramsay of Frontier Agriculture, he followed a four-spray fungicide programme with an SDHI at T1 and T2.

“It was an average year for disease, but it was clean all season with very little Septoria,” he says.

Nitrogen was applied in the form of enhanced urea across three splits of 50 kg, 100 kg and 50 kg and varied according to needs determined by SOYL image analysis.